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Packanack Cooperative Nursery School

Q: How many times do I have to participate in the classroom?
A: For full participation, about 10-12x a year (In the 2's classes parents do not come into the class until end of November for a smoother transition).  In the 3's and 4's classes partial and no participation is available.  There is no participation in the 4/5 class or Kindergarten and Kindergarten Enrichment classes.

Q:  What is partial participation?   
A:  The parent/caregiver is in your child's classroom half of a full participation schedule; about 4-5x a year.

Q:  What do I do in the classroom?
A:  Mostly, play with your child, meet their friends and see our fabulous teachers in action!  You also get to attend field trips (ages 3 and up), understand why your child is telling you facts about Penguins and hibernation and wipe some messy hands and probably the table they were just at!   

Q:  Why does the school have participation?   
A:  So parents/caregivers can be involved with their children at school and really see what is going on in a classroom.  In addition, it ensures our child to adult Nursery ratios remain at or less than 6:1 in our classes!  And there is the "because they grow up so quickly" (insert tissue here).  

Q:  If I work, can my sitter/Grandparent/spouse go in for me? 

A:  Of course!   All our participants are finger printed and have a Cari form that is filled out prior to the start of school to keep our children safe!  We would just need these forms filled out.  These are state requirements.  

You are involved from the first step of your child's education with classroom participation on a rotating schedule.  

In your child's eyes, it's their "special day" because their parent is in class! My son keeps asking "When is it MY Special Day?"

Participation FAQs